Parent Info - Bus Information

All children are expected to line up immediately after school before being dismissed for the day. A note from parents must be sent to school if a child is not travelling home by normal transport. If your child is going on a different bus to normal you will be required to complete a ’Permission for Complimentary School Bus Passenger’ form. Please let drivers know if children are not travelling on the bus.


Bus Contractors

North Bus: Jemma Cook Ph. 0427 646 071

Driver: Jemma Cook (Monday - Thursday) Trish Leo Ph. 9864 6162 (Friday)

South Bus: Candice Lloyd Ph. 0473 060 447

Driver: John Leo Ph. 9864 6162 (Monday) Candice Lloyd (Tuesday - Friday)

Central Bus: Nicholls Bus Service Ph. 9881 1736

Driver: Bob Clyde Ph. 0418 560 340



Permission for Complimentary School Bus Passenger