About Us

Junior Class

Our Junior Class consists of sixteen Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 1 students.

Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Faulkner take the students and provide a strong learning environment that encompasses intentional play based learning with structured activities which develop foundational literacy and numeracy skills.







Middle Class

Our Middle Class consists of fourteen Year 2 and Year 3 students.

Miss Doherty, Ms Williams and Mrs Faulkner work with the class to provide a balanced program that helps develop both the social and academic areas of learning.







Senior Class

Our Senior Class consists of twelve Years 4 to 6 students. Miss DeMarchi and Mrs Leo work with the class to develop cooperative and independent learning skills to complement a rigorous academic program.

The students in the Senior Room enjoy a variety of sporting activities.








School Captains

We have two School Captains who assist in the running of the school.

They are responsible for the sports equipment and setting up fitness activities, running assemblies and special events and fundraising for different charities.

Our 2020 School Captains are Ashleigh Faulkner and Preston Smith.










Miss Doherty provide a Music program for all students to develop an understanding of the elements of music through listening, moving, singing, playing, creating, reading and writing. Students take an active role in performing at school assemblies, the ANZAC and Remembrance Services, End of Year School Presentation evening and district based special events.